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Product Photoshoot

catalog, photoshoot, product, site February 28, 2018

All photos are copyrighted by Danity Paris.

Photos by Michelle Chen.


Photoshoots for Danity

catalog, photoshoot, Uncategorized September 1, 2016

For my second job at a fashion company named Danity Paris, I did the photoshoots for the new arrivals : Tops, skirts and dress. The photos below are nature morte, which are the photos that are going to be posted online on their social networks such as Facebook and Instagram.

Danity Paris’ outfits are mostly dresses and skirts with laces and beads. Their color schemes are soft pink, beige cream, red and white. Most of their designs are associated with flowers, especially roses. So I decided to create the frames for the pictures cropped from the photos of roses that I took.

Below are the photoshoots, enjoy!