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Flyer for real estate agency

design, print, product, Uncategorized juillet 9, 2019

Flyer made for a real estate agency in France.

Cabinet fontaine flyer

Photo Portrait Pro

photoshoot, Uncategorized septembre 26, 2018

One of my jobs is to make people happy and confident when I take their photos. I received lots of demands about doing photo portraits, in which most of it is for professional purpose (Linkedin, CV,…).

Here below are the shots that I took for one of my clients, Pauline.

For any business enquiries, you can contact me here.











Motion Design Video

Animation Motion Design, design, illustration, Uncategorized mai 22, 2018

Here’s the most recent motion design video or I could say shape morphing video I created on After Effects.

Video and link to my Vimeo below :

Shapes Morphing After Effects from Michelle Chen on Vimeo.