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Motion Design Video

Animation Motion Design, design, illustration, Uncategorized mai 22, 2018

Here’s the most recent motion design video or I could say shape morphing video I created on After Effects.

Video and link to my Vimeo below :

Shapes Morphing After Effects from Michelle Chen on Vimeo.


Web Banners and Social Media

design, site, Uncategorized, webdesign, website mai 19, 2018

One of my domain specialty is creating visuals for web and social medias. Here below are web banners for a company’s brand identity. The web banners were published on social media (Facebook, Instagram, blog), in which each of the platform has different format of media.

Instagram collage





snapchat-instasnapchat-newsletterheader avec texte2-enheader-avec-texte2-FR-new

Storyboard For Femme d’Influence x Danity Paris

Animation Motion Design, design, illustration, Uncategorized mai 18, 2018

I created a storyboard for an online campaign 2017 of Femme d’Influence and Danity Paris.

The storyboard that I created was used as a guidance of the video making for their final campaign online which was published on Femme d’Influence’s website.