Scenography ‘Le Lion et Le Rat’

photoshoot, scenography, Uncategorized avril 4, 2018

My first scenography I made for my final project while I was at Université Rennes 2. The concept behind this is about the remake of the fable by Jean de La Fontaine, who was a very famous French fabulist and poet in the 17th century. The title of the poem is « Le Lion et Le Rat » which translates to « The Lion and The Rat » in English. This fable is about the story when the King Louis XIV was ruling and in this fable he was characterized as the ‘Lion’ and the people was described as the ‘rat’ in his fable. The fable was telling about the character of the King which was powerful but at the same time someone who had the patience. The Lion was trapped in a net and there came the rat who came and save him, which means that the King was powerful because he was supported by the people.

The idea is to transform written poem into an interactive piece of art, which in this project that I created involved actors which were wearing t-shirts with different letters of the alphabets and form words that will complete the poem.

About the background video :
It was made using Adobe After Effects and the sketch illustrations were drawn by me which then I scanned and animated them using the software.

I planned the timing carefully so that the actors would have enough time to form the words before the scene changed.

Printed flyers:
The flyers were printed on transparent papers to show how the superpositions of letters and images can form another whole level of art and at the same time adding more values to the existing poem from Jean de La Fontaine.

Here are some screenshots from the scenography that I recorded followed by photos of flyers printed on transparent papers.


Thanks for reading ! 🙂

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