designOblique Strategies in Posters

Oblique Strategies in Posters

Oblique Strategies (subtitled Over One Hundred Worthwhile Dilemmas) is a deck of 7-by-9-centimetre (2.8 in × 3.5 in) printed cards in a black container box,created by Brian Eno and Peter Schmidt and first published in 1975. Each card offers an aphorism intended to help artists (particularly musicians) break creative blocks by encouraging lateral thinking.

I was working on creating posters about each sentence (in french) from the oblique strategies during a workshop in my university with the whole class which is later the posters created by each person are combined into a book.

Below are my works :

  1. En arrière ( Backwards/ Reverse) : So I basically printed the paper two-sidedly. The word “En” is on the one side of the paper and the word”Arriere” is on the other side of the paper. The last step that I do is to scan it.
  2. Regarde l’ordre dans lequel tu fais les choses (Look at the order in which you do things) : I transformed the sentence into a form of a list.
  3. Une ligne a deux côtés (A line has two sides) : I was using the negative space of the paper and I drew a line that extended from one end to the other end.
  4. Est-ce fini? (Is it finished?) : I wrote the letter “fini at the end of the paper.
  5. L’eau (water) : Using the image of a beach, I added the word “l’eau” on top and which looks like it ‘sinks’ into the sea.
  6. Reviens sur tes pas (Retrace your steps) : I added a background image of a rainbow because the actual meaning of this sentence is to go back to your original ideas and in this case I interpreted it by a pic of rainbow and play with the typography.
  7. Sors. Ferme la porte (Go outside. Shut the door): ‘The door’ here means your brain. It means that you need to do something outside the box and here I described our brain as an electric circuit.
  8. Travaille à un rythme différent (Work at a different speed) : I drew many intersected lines which show the different rhythm.
  9. À quoi penses-tu? (What are you thinking about just now) : The reason I used an illustration of heart beat is because when we are reading this sentence, it involves lots of emotions , and emotions have a relation with the heart beat.
  10. Continue (Continue) : I had the idea to write each word that forms the word ‘continue’ without having finished writing the complete letter. Basically it emphasises the word ‘continue’.

The bottom pictures are the making process where at the end the final posters collected from the whole class from each student and were exhibited in one of the isle of my university.

Thanks to Madame Véfa Lucas in the production of the book and for the workshop.


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