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Campaign Photography

I managed to do a photoshoot for an anti-bullying campaign, which in the end, posters will be created to promote the anti-bullying campaign towards women. In this case, for women who suffer from domestic violence.

Screen-shot-2015-10-14-at-9.53.43-AM Screen-shot-2015-10-14-at-9.54.03-AM Screen-shot-2015-10-14-at-9.54.46-AM Screen-shot-2015-10-14-at-9.54.55-AM Screen-shot-2015-10-14-at-9.55.09-AM Screen-shot-2015-10-14-at-9.55.16-AM Screen-shot-2015-10-14-at-9.55.24-AM Screen-shot-2015-10-14-at-9.55.32-AM

Graphic designer and photographer based in Paris.

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